Toto Washlet

There’s a phenomenon going on in Japan and it’s happening in the most unexpected place – the bathroom. Specifically, it’s the toilet seat that’s found on Japanese toilets called a Washlet (combining the words “Let’s” and “Wash”). A modern and revolutionary take on the bidet, the Washlet is a seat that fits on your toilet and, with the touch of a remote, a wand sprays comforting water to wash your backside. There are a variety of bells and whistles also available, including a heated seat, automatic open and close lid, dryer, features specifically for women, and much more.

The Washlet is beginning to see a rise in popularity in the U.S., particularly by those who have travelled overseas and experienced the benefits of its comfort and cleanliness. The toilet seat you’re using in your home may not be something that you think about often or even care to discuss, but the benefits of a Washlet are numerous, including:

  • Provides an eco-friendly and cost effective alternative – Using a Washlet dramatically cuts down on the amount of toilet paper used, reducing strain on the environment, as well as on your wallet.
  • Increases hygiene while reducing pain – The warm cleansing water is soothing and more comfortable than using traditional toilet paper. It also increases the cleanliness of your toilet by spraying electrolyzed water around the bowl.
  • Provides greater accessibility – For seniors or those with disabilities or medical conditions, a Washlet can often mean the difference between using the toilet independently rather than needing assistance.

Nearly 72% of Japanese homes now have Washlets in the bathroom and, as of 2016, 40 million have been sold worldwide. The Japanese company, Toto, introduced the product in 1980 and the first television commercials appeared in 1982. While a little shocking at first, it began what would become the cultural norm in Japan. The Washlet came to the US in 1990, and while it has not experienced the same popularity as it has in Japan, the demand for the product is growing.

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